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Blog Archives

How much do expiration dates really tell us?

Expiry Dates

Here’s a common consumer conception — when you find a “use by” date stamped on your food or beverage product, you should either use it by that date, or toss it. Using products past their “expiry” date is unsafe. A

Chipotle video creates buzz about industrial farming

If you haven’t seen Chipotle’s new video The Scarecrow yet, go watch it. We’ll wait. For those of you who don’t have time or just want a recap, here’s a brief synopsis: Our hero, an animated Scarecrow, is exposed to

Clean greens up our office complex

In late 2012, Clean undertook an effort to calculate the carbon footprint of our office complex – a modern, open-concept building at 99 Pasadena Ave in South Pasadena. Working in conjunction with building management, other tenants and maintenance workers, we

Clean’s Guest Lecture at USC Annenberg

This past Valentine’s Day I had the opportunity to speak to a group of students in the masters program at USC Annenberg’s school about Corporate Social Responsibility (I’m the one in the Annenberg ball cap!). I shared some background information

Clean Agency in the Los Angeles Business Journal

Just before the new year, Clean CEO Seri McClendon was invited to provide expert commentary to the Los Angeles Business Journal for an article on Used Cardboard Boxes Inc (UCB). As its name suggests, UCB purchases used cardboard boxes from

The Economics of Sustainable Food Sourcing

Second in a blog series about restaurants and sustainable food sourcing by Clean Agency’s Nancy Himmelfarb Restaurant customers are increasingly asking for humanely sourced meats and other sustainable foods.  But, restaurants operate on very slim profit margins.  How can they

Restaurant Trends in Sustainable Food Sourcing

A special guest blog by Clean Agency’s Nancy Himmelfarb Restaurant food accounts for roughly a third of Americans’ calories (up from a quarter in the 1970s) and roughly a half of their food budgets (up from a third in the

Supermarket Sustainability

On the heels of our recent webinar about food waste and sustainable food, this article about Supermarket News’ Sustainability Excellence Awards caught our eye. What’s most interesting to us is how different supermarket chains approach sustainability. What defines a sustainable


Sustainable Paper

Having previously engaged Clean Agency to perform sustainability assessment work, Mattel reached out to Clean when direct action by Greenpeace made the company aware of controversial fiber sources in their packaging supply chain. Using our expertise in sustainable forest product

Trends in Restaurant Sustainability: Webinar Recording

For those of you who weren’t able to listen live, click below to watch the recording: Trends in Restaurant Sustainability: A Dialogue about Food and Food Waste from Candace Hodder on Vimeo.