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The Latest Evolution of DTLA


DTLA was once the thriving hub of Los Angeles; Bunker Hill was the Beverly Hills of the 1920’s, grand hotels were the haunts of silent era movie stars and Broadway was the nerve centre of nightlife. But this all changed after the second world war when highways opened up the rest of Los Angeles and businesses found more scenic locations to set up shop and people found that they could live in the beautiful hills overlooking the city. Despite the decades of being a ghost town and having a somewhat of a rough reputation DTLA is beginning to buzz once more.

While the renovation of old warehouses into luxury lofts and new skyscrapers being built are obvious when considering the delights of downtown; it is the public transportation system that is the lifeblood of this once forgotten area. In a city infamous for it’s lack of public transportation DTLA has a thriving metro system (which can now take you to the beach), buses that are punctual and mind bogglingly cheap and the new edition of metro bikes is the next stage of DTLA’s evolution.

Metro Bikes have been a godsend in concrete jungles such as New York and London where there is little space and crowded streets. Now it is Downtown Los Angeles’ turn to offer it’s residents another option.

Let’s focus on the benefits that these bikes can bring about. The clear favourite for us at Clean is the fact that they offer a chance for a reduction in carbon emissions. In many circumstances a bike can get you around downtown faster than a car, so these bikes may even be an option for a busy graduate trying to make it between meetings. What’s more, they are free for the first 30 minutes so they become a better option than an Uber or Lyft when going around the city. That means that not only less traffic but hopefully less Lyfts stopping on the side of busy one way roads.

The bike lanes are already there and are never particularly busy. Even if you aren’t running around trying to get things done, DTLA has a lot to see which you could use these bikes for; the Arts District, Little Tokyo, the LA river, the Jewellery district, the Old Bank district and many many museums. Most of all they are healthy, if you ride the exercise bike in the gym why not spend 30 minutes riding around on one of these and see some sights while you work out.

By 2040 DTLA expects 125,000 more people, 70,000 new housing units and 55,000 more jobs. The installation of these bikes this is another step in the right direction. We will see LA reach new heights and this is just further proof that downtown will become a great modern city to rival other urban high rises such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.

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