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Fortune Brainstorm E 2016

Fortune Brainstorm E 2016
Park Hyatt Aviara
Carlsbad, CA
May 16th and 17th
 Clean Agency just attended Fortune Brainstorm E ( energy, tech, sustainability) previously known as Fortune Brainstorm Green.
The speakers and agenda were quite impressive including
• Bill Ford, Ford Motors
• Andy Karsener, Managing Partner Google X
• Tony Earley, CEO PG&E
• George Whitesides, CEO Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company
• Eric Siegel, President CEO Siemens USA
• Kimbal Musk, Co-founder The Kitchen
• Suzanne Ginestro, CMO and Innovation Campbell Fresh, Campbelll Soup Co.
• Andrew Liveris, CDO Dow Chemical
• Diane Regas, Executive Director, Environmental Defense Fund
• Bill Weihl, Director of Sustainability, Facebook
• Kate Gordon, Vice Chair Climate and Sustainable Urbanization, Paulson Institute
• Hugh Grant, Chairman and CEO Monsanto
• Jean Case, CEO National Geographic Society
• David Herzi, CEO Aclima (in partnership with Google).
Key Takeaways:
 The world is on the road to weaning itself off the internal combustion engine, says Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. Its fate will become clear in the next decade. Bill Ford is embracing partnership with Lyft in a way to introduce Ford cars to the 1st time buyer and getting them into their cars. They are looking to new business models that could include fractional use, financing just a share of a car instead of car ownership per person.
Ford is also working on capturing carbon at their plants to be diverted back into the manufacturing process for polymer car parts.
Autonomous cars assumed to be electric will be here much sooner than expected, like the next couple of years, the societal challenges are complex and will need to be determined by all stakeholders as the technology rolls out.
Virgin’s new spaceship called Virgin Spaceship (VSS) Unity has fixed the problem from the last accident which was pilot error. Still booking seats at $250,000 to go to orbit for five minutes. No, you cannot use your Virgin airline miles.
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is coming in very cheap surpassing even cheap oil. This is allowing many corporations to reconsider current goals of 20-30% of renewable energy use to as much as 80%-100% in the same time frame. We learned about a program through WWF that has companies sign up to reach a goal of 100% renewable.
Companies such as Facebook and Google or collections of companies can have real impact on utilities and regulators to demand renewable options for their national offices and server facilitates.  With that large of a customer utilities move much more quickly to provide the power sourcing that is requested.
California is on its way to easily reach the renewable goal 50% by 2030 Tony Early, CEO PG&E said we will be at 20% in the next year.
World Energy
Emerging markets, including India and Africa, will continue to need ever more fossil fuel – and in particular dirty coal – to meet the demands of rapidly growing populations.
Nuclear power, the one fully-scalable source of zero-carbon energy, is on the decline, with many existing plants likely to be taken off line in coming years.
Renewable nature and re-usability of water should be adopted to fix current infrastructure – where we lose 1/ 3 of municipality water with old systems. This can be done as Israel reuses 90% of its water, followed by Spain.
Public perception that water is free, with no cost associated to it, needs to change. California drought is new way of life and we should drop the word drought!
CATEGORIES: Corporate Social Responsibility, Events