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Blog Archives

Allbirds Footwear LCA Tool and Clean

Clean Agency has developed a predictive life cycle assessment tool to support the shoe company, Allbirds based on the principles of Life Cycle Assessment. The tool allows designers and sourcing staff analyze materials and processes to determine the best choices


Cisco Systems engaged Clean Agency to conduct a Supply Chain Sustainability workshop in their headquarters.  The project was a guided workshop to cultivate and support employee engagement and target setting around specific supply chain sustainability issues. Clean Agency build a


  Reformation engaged Clean Agency to support the budding fashion brand’s pioneering efforts in quantifying and communicating their product impacts. Clean engaged in the review and verification of data collection and methodology based on Life Cycle thinking. The  methodology modeled

Sustainable fashion – supply chain buzz

The fast fashion industry model has increased supply chain complexity to meet cost efficiency and demand over the years. Suppliers continue to face pressure in meeting fashion industry trends causing resource, labor and environmental stress in the apparel supply network

Target launches sustainable product standard

Target Sustainable Product Standard

The big corporate sustainability news this week was Target’s announcement of its new product sustainability standard. Starting with the categories of: household cleaners, personal care & beauty, and baby care, Target is developing criteria for what constitutes a more sustainable product.

What Obama’s Climate Change Plan Means for Business

President Obama’s speech last week represented a long-awaited and significant step forward for climate change policy in America. The three prongs of Obama’s Climate Change Plan: 1. Cut Carbon Pollution in America 2. Prepare the United States for Climate Change and 3.

Clean Agency in the Los Angeles Business Journal

Just before the new year, Clean CEO Seri McClendon was invited to provide expert commentary to the Los Angeles Business Journal for an article on Used Cardboard Boxes Inc (UCB). As its name suggests, UCB purchases used cardboard boxes from

The Economics of Sustainable Food Sourcing

Second in a blog series about restaurants and sustainable food sourcing by Clean Agency’s Nancy Himmelfarb Restaurant customers are increasingly asking for humanely sourced meats and other sustainable foods.  But, restaurants operate on very slim profit margins.  How can they

Restaurant Trends in Sustainable Food Sourcing

A special guest blog by Clean Agency’s Nancy Himmelfarb Restaurant food accounts for roughly a third of Americans’ calories (up from a quarter in the 1970s) and roughly a half of their food budgets (up from a third in the

Supermarket Sustainability

On the heels of our recent webinar about food waste and sustainable food, this article about Supermarket News’ Sustainability Excellence Awards caught our eye. What’s most interesting to us is how different supermarket chains approach sustainability. What defines a sustainable