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20 Companies Are Behind Half Of The World’s Single-Use Plastic Waste, Study Finds

In 2019, more than 130 million metric tons of single-use plastics were thrown away, with most of that waste burned, buried in a landfill or dumped directly into the ocean or onto land. Now, a new report finds that just

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Happy Earth Day and Clean is proud to donate $1,000 to Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute!

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CEO Daily: Green investing can pay off in spades

Green investing paid off in spades last year, according to a new report from Morgan Stanley being released this morning. CEO Daily got an early look. A few takeaways: —The median return on sustainable equity funds was 19.04%—compared to 14.77%

Tell Your LA Legislators to Support #SkipTheStuff

The United States uses more than 36 billion disposable utensils a year. Laid end to end, they could wrap around the globe 139 times. Each year, billions of single-use foodware accessories – utensils, straws, condiments, napkins, and more – are automatically delivered

ettitude helps you be sustainable as you sleep

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with ettitude, a sustainable lifestyle brand that specializes in organic bamboo bedding. We conducted a cradle to gate LCA, where we compared their carbon and water footprint to published results on cotton fabric.

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Allbirds: Carbon calorie count for shoes

A lot of fashion brands claim they are sustainable, mainly by cherry-picking aspects that are sustainable. It’s a little like being against climate change and driving a hybrid car, all while taking private jets. Allbirds, however, not only talks the

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How did flexible plastic packaging get popular and what’s the best way to dispose them?

How is FPP so popular? The demand and use of flexible plastic packaging or FPP has skyrocketed with a share of 19% of the total packaging market in the US. This fastest growing plastic packaging segment is valued between USD

Where does my compostable fork go?

Every time I buy compostable tableware for a barbeque or event, I feel good about myself. I’m using a plastic that breaks down and won’t live longer than me and my descendants. I’m sending a message to the world, I’m

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Global Climate Strike

Today is the Global Climate Strike -inspired by the Fridays for Future Strikes first created by Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg. Instead of writing a longwinded history of the event, you can read about it at any of the following

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What About Product End of Life?

In modern business, until recently, consumers shouldered the end of life responsibility of properly disposing of a product. The problem with that model is that consumers are not experts in disposing of the countless types of waste they encounter every